Artist Tech Spec

Thank you for being a part of Coastal Twist  2022!



A few housekeeping tips

  • All tech requirements must be in by Friday September 2nd 2022  (or you will have to do with what is on offer)
  • If you have multiple shows across the festival PLEASE SUBMIT ONE FORM PER ACT/PERFORMANCE


Policy on nudity:

    • Ticketed events: covered genitals & nipples, G-strings are OK.
    • Family friendly events (HalloQween, Fair day & Life’s a Beach) it’s all rated G.




Please label your show music as yourname-showname-event

eg if you have more than one show:

  • glitta-avonlady-fairday1.mp3
  • glitta-mika-fairday2.mp3
  • glitta-biotech-loveclub.mp3

Artist Tech Requirement Coastal Twist Festival
Fill out this form once per event
Let us know a little about the story, themes, is it funny, heartfelt, political or just plain weird lol?
Include Audio cue
What sort (Water, Glitter, flour etc) - we need to clean it up to get the next show on!
Note: Outdoor events cannot be lit
Only for vocals and music
One comp per event, please select no if your not bringing anyone as we are a registered Arts and Culture charity and cant afford empty seats!