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Coastal Twist 1st Oct - 6 Oct is 6 days of jam packed surprises, playful and profound fun and learnings with LGBTIQ Arts & Culture from across our region, our state and our country as we invite adventurous Artists, Thinkers and Innovators to present work that simultaneously entertains and expands our worlds, our tolerance and our possibilities!

Magic happens and life is what you make it when we work together to deliver what a few years prior was thought impossible for this region!

From zero to hero we have aligned as a community, collaborated with our leading organisations, partnered with our most innovative local businesses and shared intentions with the regions largest employers and global brands to move forward with our mission for a

"a happier healthier and more welcoming central coast"

Multiple Central Coast hubs come alive with free and ticketed events to suit all ages and abilities.


Woy Woy - Ettalong Beach - Gosford - Umina Beach


Get amongst it with accessible contemporary Arts & Culture that celebrate everything vibrant and fun.

Theatre | Cabaret | Live Music | Film | Dance | Teen Activations | Beach Picnic | 55+ Fun | Exhibition  & our



From all walks or life, status, colour, creed, let’s champion for equality, visibility & inclusion of all people and think and act more broadly for humanity to make a positive and lasting impact in all areas of life.

Coastal Twist Festival welcomes all people from all places, spaces, identifications.

Plumbers to punks, grannies to babes, freaks to geeks this is all about getting UNlike minded people together to celebrate in the planet’s biodiversity so rich that many species have yet to be discovered

a happier healthier and more welcoming central coast

"This year's Festival theme, "Rise & Shine," is a spirited interpretation inspired by the phoenix rising from the flames—a symbol of resilience and renewal. It calls upon all of us to awaken to our fullest potential and radiate our unique sparks to the world.

As a queer community, we have a rich history of reclaiming and empowering ourselves from oppressive symbols and situations. Just as the pink triangle transformed from a mark of shame into a powerful emblem of identity, we continue to transmute adversity into strength. "Rise & Shine" symbolizes awakening, growth, and positivity, reflecting our collective resilience and inner power. It emphasizes the importance of community, collaboration, and supportive networks in personal and communal growth.

In a time marked by polarization and the resurgence of extremist ideologies, we stand united and stronger than ever. Through queer arts, we connect deeply with our culture, fostering healing, transformation, empowerment, and the amplification of our voices and visions.

We invite everyone to join us in celebrating queer expression and the vibrant diversity of our community."

- Festival Director Glitta Supernova

What's On

Coastie Carnie Fair Day Coastal Twist Website Header

Coastie Carnie Fair Day

Bauhaus Fire Birds

Dance Party: Bauhaus Fire Birds

Foxy silvers

Foxy Silvers “Let’s get Quizzical”