Puparazzi Pooch Parade

Puparazzi Pooch Parade

Wag more, Bark less

Lights! Camera! Action! Sweetie, Darling! Who’s who in the canine jungle?

Puparazzi Pooch Parade high kicks off the Coastal Twist Festival Fair Day Sunday 6 Oct – A free event at Coastal Twist Fair Day.

Does your lil devil wear Prada & is constantly upstaging you?

Do they not get out of bed for less than breakfast on a silver platter?

Is fashion your only true love after your puppy?



As every dog-owner knows, our dogs are so much more than pets. They’re our fur-kids, our family, and our best friends. So it’s only fitting that we give our four-legged companions the celebration they deserve at Puparazzi Pooch Parade.


A celebration of our furry-furriends brings together dogs, dog owners and dog fans for an absolutely fabulous furry fashion frenzy of fun, activities, shows, and prizes.

From 11am we will have a 45 min of Furry Fashion Frivolity, on our main stage at Fair Day hosted by our local Fashion Qweens June Richards & Holly Waters ….. present our highest profile pooches are made #Famous !!!!!


And the category is:

  1. #dogsdoingdrag – This is a gender bending dress up showcase of our most stylish pooches “Its called fashion darling, look it up!”
  2. #whoworeitbetter – a pooch & owner look-a-like showdown… “just who will upstage who?
  3. #turningtricks – We don’t just look hot we also have heaps of talent, show off your best trick
  4. #hottesttwerker – The waggliest tail …Who’s got the moves to shakedown the very fabric of reality?

You Must be registered below by Sunday 21st September 5pm