2019 RECOVERY: QueerScreen & Dahl; Twist Top Short Shorts – Sun 6th Oct

Truly a feast for the eyes, heart and palette people!

After a hard day of people watching, local product buying & community meeting at fair day, let’s toast off the Coastal Twist Festival with some chill out tunes & Sunset drinks over the ocean – who doesn’t love a big deck!!!

Queerscreen is coming to town with a feast of short films, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn a little and smile a lot.

This Queer Screen session is unclassified 15+ . This is an inclusive experience for all people – get amongst it, soak up the atmos, and take in the vibes with DJ Ruby Red!

Yes of course it’s  an Accessible venue +  90% Captioned/subtitled

Put your feet up and bib on as your scrumptious Indian Feast with a twist is cooked fresh & served with your hostesses the  magnificent 2 Boys in Sari’s:

On the agenda:

  • Cheap Drinks on the Big Deck
  • Chill out tunes with DJ Ruby Red
  • QueerScreen curated shorts
  • Dinner Menu as below:

PUNJABI TOOR DAHL FRY: A homemade Punjabi staple of Arhar Dahl (hulled pigeon peas), slowly simmered in a rich sauce replete with ginger, onion, garlic, cumin, coriander and butter; scented with a fragrant tempering of Cloves, Indian Bay Leaves and smokey dried Kashmiri chillies

MATTAR PILAFF: Aged Basmati rice, steamed to perfection and layered with cardamom, mace, fried onions and peas

NIMBU KA KHATTA MEETHA ACHAAR:Sweet Lime Pickle in Turmeric, Mustard seed and Jaggery.

This event uses only Biopak biodegradable plates, serviettes and forks

Event has been priced so that even if you do not wish to eat, its an accessible fun evening.

This is a safe space. Attacks on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship and parenting configurations, race, body shape, mental or physical ability, HIV/STI status, and other personal characteristics will not be tolerated. Language that degrades women will not be tolerated.