2022  "Coastal Twist" Sydney Mardi Gras float rEGISTRATION

2022 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 

Saturday 5 March at the Sydney Cricket Ground

Its been 12 months since our little o'l Coastal Twist Festival was the 2021 Sydney Mardi Gras finalist for Best Float Design (including costuming & execution) and we are back for our 3rd Mardi Gras float with very limited spots left.


March 2022 Mardi Gras theme is UNITED WE SHINE and signifies that when we band together, we shine brighter. It is a rallying call to stand up against hate and inequality, reminding us that when we rise as a collective, our message of love and inclusion is heard louder.

Our October 2022 Coastal Twist theme "Inclusion means you" is the perfect partner for Mardi Gras "United we shine".



Looking towards 2022, the future for our rainbow family is brighter than it has ever been. But this doesn't mean there won't be challenges for us along the way - of particular concern both at home and abroad are the attacks on our Trans and Gender Diverse communities. We only need to look at our history to be empowered by the strength and resilience of LGBTQI+ people - we have the power to create a more equitable society.


Now is the time for us to unite, this is our time to shine Coasties!

In 2022, despite the great uncertainty of what March will look like Mardi Gras is honouring commitment to continuing the legacy of delivering a Parade for the community.



Housekeeping you need to be aware of before signing up:

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and the restrictions under current health orders, the following changes will be in place for the 2022 Parade:

  • The Parade will be a ticketed event for spectators, held at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in Moore Park, and aired by our official broadcast partner.
  • Parade participant numbers will be reduced, with Parade participants capped at a maximum of 6,500 people.
  • Parade groups will be no more than 40 persons each. This will allow for as any many groups as possible to participate.
  • No vehicles can be used as part of any floats. SGLMG encourages participants to think big with their costumes, props, flags, inflatables, signs and pushable elements.
  • A series of COVID-19 Safety Protocols will be in place and Participants must comply with these. These include:
  • All participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Required to show a vaccination certificate on entry
  • Contact details registered for all individual participants
  • ID checks on entry
  • Mandatory face masks for all participants while in the Marshalling Area
  • Physical distancing at all times


All ages and abilities welcome

$70 to be paid with your Expression of Interest and includes your entry and  the major parts of your costume (Tshirt and Cloud bottom/skirt. You will be requried  to attend between 1 and 3 workshops to help make your costume – if you’re not crafty don’t worry, plenty of us to help!

UNITY & INCLUSION MEANS YOU – Inspiring love we are going with Cupid whose wounds inspired love & passion. Aiming to wrap all of us in a huge white cloud!



SPILLING THE TEA ON HOW WE ROLL THIS YEAR - aka what your signing upto:

Making our clouds will be as easy as 1, 2, 3



We will be doing it very differently by colour blocking in white this year. Simple and big impact we are still on the drawing board with it but we do know:

  • All our marchers in all white,
  • We will supply
    • Tshirt (you can cut up as singlet or Muscle T  - customize as you wish or leave as is
    • Everything we all need to make your indivdual  cloud waist piece and our group cloud.
  • You will supply your:
    • White shoes
    • Shorts, pants, leggings or whatever undergarment you want
    • Accessories eg: wings, hats, bows, arrows
    • Hair and makeup
    • You are also signing up to 1 -3 workshops (Saturday or Sundays & Perhaps 1 evening) Our usual group step by step DIY – or you can come into office and pick up your ‘costume pack’ then take it home to make it.
    • One dance choreography session!

Dance rehersals and workshops start in Feb and we cant wait to see you all again!


2022 Mardi Gras Application
(Please note Mardi Gras count all people of all ages - including babies in your arms as a plus one)