2022 Volunteer Roster

Select as many (or as little shifts as you would like to do)

Please keep in mind cancelling shifts inpacts the whole team


1.            Free Entry

2.            Make New friends 

3.            Have New experiences

4.            Lots of fun & COVID Safe high fives!

5.            Free soft drinks

6.            Literally be a part of creating a happier, healthier, and more socially equitable Central Coast!


WHAT IS EXPECTED (easy as 1,2 3) :

1.            Showing up on time, being 15 – 20 mins late means we have to rearrange everyone to ensure we get things done to schedule, it’s a very tight turn around

2.            If you are unable to show up, please let us know at least 6 hrs ahead of time so we can try to replace you, we all work very very hard as volunteers and dont want to put more on anyone, which is what happens if you don’t show.

3.            Do not bring friends or partners with you to your shift who are not part of the roster/ approval, this impacts our COVID safety plan, our not-for-profit insurance and the broader team.


If you’re not into being on our volunteer list anymore, just respond with UNSUBSCRIBE and we will remove you from our main Volly Database (but we hope you stay!)

  1. Can’t do it this time but want to stay in the Loop? Then nothing more for you to do.
  2. Want it for this weekend ?  Just reply to this email and  let us know your shift preference asap


Thank you and we hope to see you either way soon – the world needs lots of love and vibrancy right now!