Reboot your brain in nature – Sat Special!

Ever get that feeling like you’re stuck in a cycle of same sh*t different day? Wish you could break out of it but you have no idea where to begin?

Well then, this could be exactly what you need!

Join stress management expert and personal performance coach, Laura Piccardi, for a hike along the beautiful coastline between Patonga and Pearl Beach, and get away from it all while learning powerful techniques that will allow you to hit ctrl-alt-del on your brain and get clear around where to focus your energy when you go back to reality.

Here’s the really cool thing though – the reality you go back to will be different to the one you left, because during the day you will learn how to shift the way you think and therefore shift the way you experience the world.

This one hike has the power to impact the rest of your life.

So here’s how the day will go:

  • Meet outside The Boathouse Hotel, Patonga Beach, at 12:45pm for a 1:00pm start
  • Walk the path between Patonga Beach and Pearl Beach over the headland and back, with stunning views of the coast, while getting the opportunity to clear your brain, talk things out and learn from me.
  • Arrive back at Patonga Beach around 4:00pm, just in time to grab a shower and get glammed up for the Bauhaus Beach Ball dance party!!
  • Note: there is a fairly steep section at the Patonga end that requires walking up/down naturally formed steps, so this requires a moderate level of fitness – however when walking it this weekend I passed four groups of children, which tells you it’s not that bad!


The Boathouse Hotel,

Patonga Beach, NSW 2256

Dates & Times

Sat, Oct 5,

1:00pm – 4:00pm